Guess an animal and put the name after ?name= in the address bar. Try elephant first.

HTTP Referer

User Agent

Welcome user using: CCBot/2.0 (

This is helpful to identify what users are using, such as the version of the browser and platform of the computer.

This can help developers to set compatibility for different users and also this would help to collect data.

SERVER ADDR function

So is your IP address, right?

This is an example of SERVER_ADDR build-in function.

This is useful to help the developers know where their visitors from.

Current Time

Time in seconds


Time in standard format

Friday December 14th 2018 a 9:29pm

5 days and 3 hours ago


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) refers to the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which became adopted as a global time standard.

Reference - Wikipedia


Random Number


Pretty Number


Secured Password

This is not a secured password: tight12344
This is much secured one: e781c2a9f0e9049d95df8542386f13dd3032b418
The length of the secured password is: 40

HTML tag in php



Decimal to Hex

Here is the number: 928282 and its hex form e2a1a

Regular Express

NameUse the same ?name= at the end of URL with the right formate.
Sorry, is not the right name format.

Phone Numner

Use the this ?phone= at the end of URL to test.
Sorry, is not a valid phone number.

Custome Regular Express Matching

Try any nick name. If you have too many capital letter it may fail you. ?kay=
Sorry, does not match.

Final Project Idea

I want to make a website that takes wedding invitation card input.